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Welcome to the PQL Wiki

PQL stands for Pony Query Language and is a ponified version of SQL

Authors note

This is meant to be documentation for the fictional Pony Query Language inspired by FIM++.
It is basically a transformative parody rewrite derivative of w3schools sql documentation protected by fair use and not intended for commercial purposes.

PQL specific syntax will not work in the real word, unless someone writes an interpreter for it, but the same logical structure and the concepts will be applicable.

Ps. This is not a simple copy/paste, search/replace of the original documentation. Each section was edited and reformatted word for word. As SQL is a very straight forward and logical language there wasn't much room in the language itself for ponification, though I will continue to try and develope it as much as possible, and I didn't want to make a change just to make it differ from the original, only to make it pony, therefore most of the changes are done in the examples.

This is suitable for anyone who knows SQL and wants a laugh or want to learn or brush up on their SQL.

This is still a work in progress and all contributions are welcome.

Feel free to get started with the PQL Tutorial and remember that structure is magic.

For easy navigation there are links on the left and right bottom of each page linking to the previous and next article.


PQL Tutorial