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PQL Tutorial

PQL is a pony language for accessing databases.

This PQL tutorial will teach you how to use PQL to access and manipulate data in MyLittlePQL, PQL Server, FlimFlam Success, MadamePinky, Ponybase, PB2 and other database systems.

In PQL 'Spike' is the performing agent and all commands are formulated as a request to 'Spike'.

Calling the agent is followed by a ':' to signify the start of a command.

I realise that it's redundant to specify an agent when you only have one and that default agent should be in the interpreter, but it makes the command look better :) This is just for fun after all.

In addition to this all command strings are prefaced by 'Please' for politeness.

PQL Syntax

Spike: Please SELECT Company, City FROM Equestria WHERE City <> 'Fillydelphia'

PQL Result

Company City
Sugar Cube Corner Ponyville
Center Plaza Manehatten
Wonderbolt Arena Canterlot